Baldwin '794'

4-6-0 Pannier Tank Locomotive

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794 is a 4-6-0T locomotive of the Baldwin class 10-12-D. It was built for the Great War, one of a large number of similar machines. After the War, it was sold and exported to India, where it worked on a sugar plantation, carrying the name 'Tiger'.

It was imported from India in about 1985. Now owned by The Imperial War Museum, this loco has a complete rolling chassis but the boiler is in poor condition. Now transferred to Porthmadog, it is intended that a new boiler be fitted and the that loco will operate under the pseudonym 590, being almost identical to the original WHR locomotive of that number. The expensive new boiler will require substantial donations from members of the public.

Please contribute to the Peter Thomason "590" Memorial Fund and help rebuild Baldwin 794 as a replica of 590.


Builder Baldwin  
Built January 1917  
Works number 44699  
Type Pannier tank 10-12-D ¹  
Wheel arrangement 4-6-0  
Driving wheel diameter 23½" 597mm  
Tank capacity 396 gallons 1800 l  
Heating surface 254.5 sq ft 23.6m²  
Grate area 5.6 sq ft 0.52m²  
Boiler pressure 178 psi 1.23MPa  
Cylinders Two off, 9" dia. x 12" 229mm x 305mm  
Tractive effort 5429 pounds 24.15kN at 85% boiler pressure
Weight 14½ tons in working order
Maximum axle load 3.46 tons  
Arrived W.H.R. June 2004  
Owner Imperial War Museum  

¹ - explanation of the Baldwin Numbering Scheme.

See Also

  • Baldwin '590' was a similar locomotive, also built for the Great War and later purchased for the WHR (more).

590 at Dinas, 1923
590 at Dinas Junction, 1923, shortly after being delivered to the railway. 794 was similar in appearance to 590.
794 arriving in bits on a lorry
794 arriving in bits on a lorry, 4th June 2004.