No. 36 'Cnicht'

Motor Rail 20/28 8703 Diesel Locomotive

This locomotive was built in 1941 by Motor Rail Ltd of Bedford, works number 8703. It is one of that Company's 20/28 horsepower class of machine. It was supplied to Sir Alfred McAlpine and Co. on 31st December 1941 for use on construction work related to the war effort.

At some stage, it became the property of the Yorkshire, Ouse and Hull River Authority. When this Authority became the Yorkshire Water Authority, No. 36 was repainted from its original green livery to the present two-tone blue.

The locomotive was used on temporary railways laid to strengthen river banks and construct flood embankments. In 1980, the YWA stopped using railways for this type of work. As a result, No. 36 was purchased by Welsh Highland Railway members in December of that year.

Since moving to North Wales, it has been named Cnicht, after the local mountain of that name. It was the main shunting and maintenance locomotive for a while, but more recently the 60 hp Simplex locomotives (No.s 4, 6 and 9) have assumed this role.


Builder Motor Rail Ltd
Built 1941
Works number 8703
Type 20/28
Wheel arrangement 0-4-0
Engine 28 hp 20.9kW
Transmission Mechanical
Final drive Chain
Weight 2.5 Ton
Arrived W.H.R. 1980
Owners W.H.R. Members
Previous owners Yorkshire Water Authority


cabless blue Cnicht surrounded a by green Simplex and a bauxite orange brake van
Cnicht and No.6 at Gelert's Farm Works in 1995.
cabless blue Cnicht on a small wagon turntable
Cnicht being turned around on the small wagon turntable tucked in the space behind the R.E.D. Shed.