No. 11 Hunslet 50HP

Hunslet 50h.p. Diesel Locomotive

The 50hp Hunslet Mines loco was only the third diesel locomotive design to be approved for use underground in coal mines, the first being a Ruston design and the second being the smaller 25hp Hunslet (of similar appearance to the 50hp). It was intended for man-riding trains, but the design had been superseded by 1948.

The loco was acquired from AMCO in 1991 with the significant assistance of another member, who acquired the mines Ruston (No. 10) at the same time. As bought, it still had the remains of its air brake system. Although it was missing a lot of components, the basic transmission and running gear were complete, and it appeared to have a reconditioned engine in it.

The first three years of restoration saw a lot of activity, which ended with it moving under its own power. Then there was then a lull of about 7 years. Significant work has restarted, and many missing components have been located and fitted. Once again in May 2002 it moved under its own power.


Builder Hunslet, Leeds  
Built 1947  
Works number 3510 (or possibly 3512)  
Type 50HP  
Wheel arrangement  
Engine Gardner  
Transmission Mechanical  
Final drive Jackshaft  
Arrived W.H.R. 1990-1991  
Owners W.H.R. Member  
Previous owners Amalgamated Construction Co. Ltd, Barnsley  
Picture of the Hunslet 50HP
The 50HP during restoration at Gelert's Farm, May'02.
Picture of the Hunslet 50HP