Emma and Kathy

Hunslet Barclay 12t 63kW Diesel Locomotives

These locomotives are ex-tunnelling locos manufactured by Hunslet Barclay, Leeds. They have four wheels, are five metres (just over 16 feet) long and weigh in at twelve tons. Built for the mining industry, the locomotives are typical of compact low-speed high tractive effort narrow gauge diesels.

The Deutz air cooled engine is of the 912W type widely used underground, and throughout the construction and marine industries. It is a six cylinder in-line engine designed for high torque at low speed, rated at 63kW (84 hp), maximum revolutions about 2500 rpm.

The two locomotives were named Kathy and Emma by their previous owners. Kathy was the penultimate locomotive built at Jack Lane, Hunslet, Leeds. They last worked on the Jubilee Line Extension project, London, operated by a consortium of Balfour Beatty and Amec, although owned by Hunslet Barclay. When the extension project finished, they were sold along with several other similar locos.

They arrived at Porthmadog in March 2003 and rebuilding commenced. Emma has been commissioned with air brakes, couplings and a basic cab to compliment Glaslyn on passenger duties.

Once Russell is rebuilt and funds are available, the intention is to overhaul Kathy and rebuild her with a WHR heritage image cab that fits the Railway’s policy.

Specifications for Emma

Builder Hunslet Barclay  
Built Jack Lane Works, Leeds in 1994  
Works number HE LD9346/94  
Type DH12T63  
Wheel arrangement 4 wheel  
Driving wheel diameter 24¼ 616mm  
Engine Deutz F6L912W air cooled  
Engine 84hp 63kW at 2300rpm
Transmission hydraulic  
Final drive mechanical  
Tractive Effort   21.2kN at 18% adhesion
Maximum Speed 16mph 25km/h  
Weight 12 tons  
Maximum axle load 6 tons  
Arrived W.H.R. March 2003  
Owners WHR Ltd  
Previous owners Hunslet Barclay Ltd  

Specifications for Kathy

Works number HE LD9350/94            

See Also

white cuboidal locomotive in a dark tunnel
HB 12t shown in construction-company livery. It carries the marking "Jubilee Line Extension 102".
two locomotives on the back of a lorry
Somewhat decrepit but in mechanically-good condition, here are the locos on arrival at Gelert's Farm. Nearest is Emma.
two very different locomotives; signalbox behind
This is Kathy basking in the sunlight on arrival, seen with Barclay No. 554.
side engineering drawing
Drawing of these locos.