No. 1 'Glaslyn'

Ruston & Hornsby 40DL Diesel Locomotive

Before coming to the WHR, Glaslyn and Kinnerley both worked at Blockleys Ltd, Hadley (in Telford, Shropshire). Both are type 40DL, although the original Ruston 3VRH engine in Glaslyn was replaced by a Perkins 6.354.

For use on the WHR it has been fitted with air brakes (powered by a compressor added at the side of the engine) and a cab. Some years after entering service a starter motor was fitted.

Glaslyn is the main passenger diesel, but occasionally one of the LYd2 Polish diesels replaces it.


Builder Ruston & Hornsby
Built 1952
Works number 297030
Type 40DL
Wheel arrangement 4 wheel
Driving wheel diameter 20" 508mm
Engine Perkins 6.354
Transmission Mechanical
Final drive Chains
Weight originally 5 tonnes
Maximum axle load 2.5 tonnes
Arrived W.H.R. 1980
Owners W.H.R. Ltd
Previous owners Blockleys Ltd, Hadley