Simplex Nos. 4, 6 & 9

Simplex 60hp Diesel Locomotives

Originally 24 1/8" gauge, these locomotives worked on lightly laid tracks on sand quarries around the St Helens area, often moving from quarry to quarry.

A fleet of a dozen or more such locomotives, owned by Pilkingtons Glass, operated in this way over quite a wide area. The cost of No.9, new in 1968 was £1710, typical of the time. When they became redundant, the fleet was bought by Ainscough Scrapyard, from whence three were purchased for the WHR. All three are essentially the same loco, but have many differences of detail.

Upon arrival, No.4 had a damaged roof which was scrapped and remade during its rebuild between 1990-1993. It was also re-tyred and re-gauged to 60cm during this period.

No.6 (named 'Jonathan' at the WHR for a while) was originally built as a 50hp loco with Dorman 3LA engine. However, a replacement engine (Dorman 3LB 60hp) was fitted at Pilkingtons. The loco was re-guaged to 60cm upon being rebuilt at the WHR between 1985-1987.

No.9 (named 'Katherine' at the WHR for a while) was re-tyred and re-gauged to 60cm in early 2012 and is currently having the cab rebuilt and being generally overhauled.

Specifications for No. 4

Builder Motor Rail Ltd  
Built 1966  
Works number 60s 333  
Type 60s  
Wheel arrangement 4 wheel  
Driving wheel diameter 18" 457mm  
Engine 60 hp Dorman 3LB 44.7kW  
Transmission Mechanical  
Final drive Chains  
Weight 5 tonnes  
Arrived W.H.R. late 1981  
Gauge 23 5/8" 600mm  
Livery Orange  
Owners W.H.R. members consortium  
Previous owners Pilkingtons Glass, St Helens  


Specifications for No. 6

Built 1959  
Works number 11102  
Gauge 23 5/8" 600mm  
Livery Green, yellow ballast weights  
Weight 5 Tons


Specifications for No. 9

Built 1968  
Works number 60s 363  
Gauge 23 5/8"  600mm
Livery Was red but after current maintenance, yellow (as built)  
Weight 5 Tons

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Simplex no.4

No.4 at Gelerts Farm Works. 1990s.


Simplex no.6

No.6 at Gelerts Farm Works. 1990s.


Simplex no.9

No.9 at Gelerts Farm Works. 1990s.