Coach No. 7

Eisteddfod coach

This is known as "Cerbyd Eisteddfod/The Eisteddfod Coach" because it was finished in time for the National Eisteddfod, held in Porthmadog in 1987. It's based on the chassis of two Hudson bogie wagons, many of which also run on the railway. The body was designed to be similar in style to the original Welsh Highland Buffet Car, which is also preserved at the WHR(P). The coach is a regular sight on passenger trains on the railway at the moment, and has also been used as a restaurant carriage on "wine and dine" trains.

For some years, the coach had tables fitted, these often being used for wine and dine trains. When these were removed, the toplight panels were replaced with glass.

In the last few years, extra features have been added to this coach to re-create the flavour of the old Welsh Highland Railway. These include window bars, enamel plaques indicating "third class" and lettering on the side in the style of the old Welsh Highland Railway.


Number 7  
Name Eisteddfod coach  
Type Bogie saloon, central corridor, tables fitted, fully glazed.  
Builder WHR Ltd  
Built 1987  
Wheel arrangement bogie  
Brakes Air  
Length 26'  
Seats 32  
Arrived W.H.R.    
Owners WHR Ltd  

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Coach No.7
The Eisteddfod Car at Porthmadog Station after its passengers have alighted and departed. Its bold lettering is in the style typical of the original WHR.
testing coach 6
The Eisteddfod Car with Coach 6 (left), during testing of the latter at Gelert's Farm. Glaslyn purrs at the head.