Rolling Stock List

Steam Locomotives


Russell - Hunslet 2-6-2T

The Pride of the Welsh Highland Railway.

black steam locomotive

Gelert - Bagnall 0-4-2T

Elegant, deep blue, and well-proportioned!


more steam locos

Diesel Locomotives

large blue diesel locomotive

Passenger Diesels

40hp to 400hp beasties!

small diesel; orange body and grey cab; black/orange chevrons on front

Works Diesels

small, useful, and great fun!

more diesel locos

Carriages & Wagons

deep red sem-glazed bogie carriage


including beautiful Victorian pieces

varied freight train; workmen in foreground


where would we be without them?


Also on display in Gelerts Farm Works, Porthmadog:

Baldwin 590 (remains of locomotive)

Moel Tryfan (remains of locomotive)

Heritage Carriages & Wagons