Coaches 3 & 6

Carriages 3 and 6 were built early in the days of the WHR restoration. They were very similar, except No.3 was unglazed whereas No.6 was part-glazed.

Build from modified Hudson bogies and with frames made from point rodding and similar materials, they seemed basic. However, they were popular with visitors, perhaps because they consisted of three equal compartments, each with its own door, ideal for family groups.

As more progress was made recreating heritage WHR vehicles, they became surplus.  No.6 was sold first (to the Amerton Railway), after which the same number 6 was re-used for a different vehicle. In 2009, No.3 was also sold.

No.3 Specifications

Number 3
Type Semi-open Toast-rack, unglazed.
Builder WHR Ltd
Wheel arrangement bogie
Brakes Air
Compartments 3
Seats 24
Sold 2009

No.6 Specifications

As for No.3, except

Number 6
Type Semi-Open Toast-rack, part-glazed
Sold ?