'Cote' Coach

This vehicle was built by a group of members in 1973. It is called the Cote Coach because it was constructed at Alan Keef's depot which, at that time, was based in Cote, Oxfordshire (about 10 miles west of Oxford). Coaches for the Tyfi Valley Railway were also constructed there.

Having been built as a prototype, the coach is unusual in many respects. It was a test piece for future coach building projects and consequently it has a diverse collection of different compartments. At one end is a narrow brake compartment. Next, two passenger doors admit people to the fully glazed central section consisting of upholstered full-width cross-benches. One of the cross-benches has a central gangway to admit people through to the end compartment. This compartment is part-glazed and has seating around the perimeter.

Coach No. 1 was actually completed prior to the construction of the narrow gauge railway at Beddgelert Sidings in Porthmadog. Following completion, it spent some time at the Leighton Buzzard Railway, before being moved to Gelerts Farm. Here, it was distinguished in being used with locomotive Kinnerley for the very first trains on the newly re-opened Welsh Highland Railway in 1980.

For background reading, see

  • Journal 41, August 1975, Page ??
  • Journal 42, October 1975, Pages 11 - 13
  • Journal 48, May 1977, Pages 5,6

Coach No. 1 has now passed into the ownership of a different railway (the Teifi Valley Railway), but remains an intriguing vehicle.


Number 1  
Name Cote Coach  
Type Observation and Brake end car with central glazed saloon; observation compartment is part-glazed.  
Builder W.H.R. Ltd  
Built 1973  
Wheel arrangement Bogie  
Brakes Air  
Length 23'  
Width -  
Seats 20  
Arrived W.H.R. 197?  
Owners -  

See Also

the coach behind Kinnerley, Porthmadog platform 1
Coach No. 1 about to depart from Porthmadog station behind Kinnerley. This train faithfully re-creates the first operations of the newly-restored Welsh Highland Railway in 1980.
the coach in a train at Porthmadog station
Coach No. 1 about to depart from Porthmadog station behind Russell.