"Situations Vacant"

The Welsh Highland Railway (Porthmadog) is one of the friendliest railways in the business. We have a good laugh and we don't take ourselves too seriously. But we also operate a safe and successful tourist attraction, and we need people to help us. Here's a selection of what's on offer:

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            <p class="figcaption">A former Shop Manager <br/>
                and a former Chairman in <br/>
                the shop, dressed up for a Gala.</p>
        <h3>Shop Staff</h3>

        <p>Our shop at Porthmadog is one of the liveliest places on the railway. The clock tells the time backwards,
            and people over 60 get tickets for "recycled teenagers"! We also have one of the best stocked railway
            bookshops in the country.</p>

        <p>We need people to work in the shop, selling tickets and souvenirs to passengers, and answering questions
            about the railway. You don't need to know anything about trains, and you don't need any experience......
            just enthusiasm.</p>
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            <p class="figcaption">Mark Herbert changes the <br/>
                point for <em>Irish Mail</em> to run round.</p>
        <h3>Train Operating Staff</h3>

        <p>Ever fancied being an engine driver? Or maybe you could help check the tickets, and show passengers round
            our engine sheds? We'll give you all the training you need to operate the railway safely.</p>

        <p>One other thing...... it's over 30 years since our first train, which was operated entirely by women.
            Nowadays we have very few women running the railway - get in touch if you can help us change that!</p>

        <p class="small">The minimum ages for the various qualifications are:<br/>
            Guard/Signalmen from 18, Firemen also from 18, Steam and Diesel Drivers from 21.</p>
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            <p class="figcaption">Volunteers Tim, Daffy and Gordon <br/>
                working on <a href="/stock/steam/russell/"><em>Russell</em></a>.
        <h3>Locomotive Maintenance Volunteers</h3>

        <p>Do you know how to tweak a grease nipple? Or a reversing shaft? Even if you don't, there's plenty to do
            in the loco department. You can start by helping us take things to bits, and we'll train you to put them
            back together again.</p>

        <p>We have two historic steam locos to rebuild in the next five years, as well as our existing fleet to keep
            running. Join us and keep the wheels turning.</p>
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            <p class="figcaption">Volunteer Ben Riley refubishing <br/>
                an ex-RNAD wagon chassis.</p>
        <h3>Carriage &amp; Wagon Restorers</h3>

        <p>Do you know the difference between carpentry, joinery and carriage construction? Whether you do or you
            don't doesn't matter, our enthusiastic team of carriage &amp; wagon restorers would be pleased to have
            your help.</p>

        <p>We have a target of completing a rake of heritage carriages and only have the Pickering Brake to go to
            complete this challenge. We also have an ongoing project to restore our wide and fascinating diversity
            of heritage mineral wagons. Get in touch if you might like to know more.</p>
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                                                                alt="track workers at work"
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            <p class="figcaption">Track workers replacing sleepers<br>and constructing a point.</p>
        <h3>Works Projects Volunteers</h3>

        <p>The range of projects is huge: track work (which mostly entails general labouring), fencing, ditches and
            drainage, painting, building, plumbing, roofing, gardening...</p>

        <p>We have the tools and we teach you how to use them in safety. You don't have to be strong or highly
            qualified but a sense of humour helps!</p>
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        <p style="clear: both; text-align: center;"><em> For more information on all these jobs, contact Kev Evans,
            our Volunteer Co-ordinator. </em> <br> <a href="/s2/email/index.php?to=Mark+Holden"> Send an e-mail to

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