Ladies & gentlemen,

When the next issue of the Journal is published, I intend to devote a significant portion of the edition to the celebration of the launch of our services at Porthmadog in 1980. I am hoping that, through the medium of, I can get in touch with people (current members, former members or just bystanders) who were present over the launch weekend and who took photographs of the event that I might be able to reproduce in the Journal. If you took photos yourself, or alternatively, know of anyone else who did, then please get in touch – remember, it is important that we record and celebrate our history before it is lost forever.

Whilst colour photos are preferred, I am interested in black & white images as well; so, if you have photos from that weekend buried away in a drawer somewhere or up in the loft, now is the time to dig them out, dust them off and e-mail a copy to your Editor!!

Thanking you in advance,

Journal Editor