Timetable & Events


When do trains run?

Most days from April to October! Click on the dates on the timetable below to find out what's going on each day.

Trains Depart From Porthmadog (WHR) Station at:

 Steam Service – 10:30   11:30   13:15   14:30   15:45 

 Diesel Service 1 – 10:30   11:30   13:15   14:30   15:45 

 Diesel Service 2 – 10:30   11:30   13:15   14:30 

You can also click here to see our programme of special events, intended to entertain everyone from our youngest visitors to the most dedicated railway fan.

Our 2017 Timetable

 Special Event    Steam Service    Diesel Service 1    Diesel Service 2 

Every care will be taken ensure that trains run as planned. However, sometimes things break and we reserve the right to change the timetable.

We've tried to make our timetable bright and colourful but appreciate that some people may find it difficult to see. Therefore, we also have a high-contrast black and white version.