No. 5 Hunslet 40HP

Hunslet 40HP Diesel Locomotive

Hunslet 40HP No.6285 was built for an iron ore mine in Cumbria, northern England. It operated underground on a 2'6" gauge system. Unlike in a coal mine where the risk of gas explosion is greater, it did not need to be flame-proof so the electrics were unshielded. The exhaust was fitted with a conditioner, necessary for underground operation.

It returned at some time to Hunslet for regauging to 2', and then was eventually sold to Saunders & Forster Steel Stockholders of Stratford, East London after passing through several dealers.

The locomotive was later purchased from S&F by a WHR member. On arrival at Gelert's Farm, the cab was removed and the conditioner bypassed. Seen from the front, No.5 has a distinctive asymmetrical profile, with the maker's badge in art deco style diagonally across the front grille.


Builder Hunslet, Leeds  
Built 1968  
Works number 6285  
Type 40HP  
Wheel arrangement 4 wheel  
Driving wheel diameter 17½" 444mm  
Engine 40hp Diesel engine 30kW  
Transmission Hydraulic  
Final drive Chain  
Weight 5 tonnes  
Arrived W.H.R. late 1980  
Owners WHR Member  
Previous owners S&F Steel Stockholders, Stratford  

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No.5 at Gelerts Farm Works 1990s.