1997 MoU With FRC

This is a Memorandum of Understanding between the WHR Ltd and FRC.
It complements the Formal Agreement, expressing the same intent with less legal jargon.
Both are binding on both parties.

Understanding reached on 30th November 1997
between representatives of
Ffestiniog Railway Company and
Welsh Highland Railway Ltd.
at Porthmadog Harbour Station

Present:A. Heywood (General Manager - F.R.C.)
T. Sherratt (Vice-Chairman - W. H. R. L.)
W.R. Cutler (F.R.C.)
G. Hughes (Company Secretary - W.H.R.L.)
  1. The Welsh Highland Railway Ltd. (formerly '64 Company') would be granted permission to build beyond Pen-y-mount to Pont Croesor and beyond, and run trains on this section once the T.W.A. was secure and the F.R. building programme had reached Waunfawr.
  2. W.H.R.L. would retain all ticket receipts from the above operation until the full line is complete and running.
  3. W.H.R.L. would undertake to build the above section to the H.M.R.I. approved standards for the completed railway.
  4. W.H.R.L. would not compete with F.R. for grant applications in connection with the above work.
  5. When the complete line is finished, W.H.R.L. heritage trains would have guaranteed access over the whole route subject to H.M.R.I. approval on the following basis:-

    (a) Train crews are passed out by F.R. for operation over the line.

    (b) Paths for such trains are compatible with commercial requirements and any requirements imposed by outside bodies.

    (c) Fares received from such trains will be paid to F.R. but F.R. in return will pay for the use of locos and rolling stock.

    (d) F.R. will also pay a proportion of the receipts to W.H.R.L. for use of the line between Porthmadog (W.H.R.) and Pen-y-mount by these trains.

    (e) W.H.R.L. retains in full the proceeds from all sales and income (other than fares) received at W.H.R.L.'s shop and cafe at Porthmadog (W.H.R.) and catering/sales on these trains.

    (f) The legal responsibility for operation of these trains over F.R. tracks rests with the F. R.

  6. On completion of the line, F.R.'s W.H.R. trains can, if necessary, terminate at the W.H.R.L.'s terminus subject to payment of access charges to be agreed.
  7. W.H.R.L. will support the cross-town link and the plan to operate through W.H.R. - F.R. trains.
  8. On completion of the line, the whole route will be known as Welsh Highland Railway. In the interim, the F.R.'s section will be Welsh Highland Railway (Caernarfon) and the W.H.R.L.'s section will be Welsh Highland Railway (Porthmadog). It is acknowledged that publicity for the 1998 season is already underway but subsequent publicity from the date of this agreement will carry the new form of words.
  9. Following the date of this agreement, the F.R. and W.H.R.L. heritage groups should be brought together to develop a "Rails to Porthmadog" heritage facility at Gelert's Farm, Porthmadog-
  10. A joint steering committee should be formally constituted on a regular basis as a means to better communication between the two Companies.
  11. In the event of any future disputes arising between the two Companies, the A.I.R.P.S. should be asked to mediate.
  12. This agreement should be formalised by our respective solicitors.


30th November 1997


30th November 1997