LYd2 'Eryri'

LYd2 Diesel Locomotives Nos. 58, 60, & 69

Eryri was built in the seventies for the Jarocin Railway in Poland. This railway runs from the town Witaszyce, which lies some 40-45 miles south-east of Poznan, to Zagorow, some 22 miles further to the north east.

The last trains ran in December 1990.

Eryri, numbered 60, was one of five LYd2 locomotives operating on the Jarocin Railway; Nos. 58 and 69 (still unnamed) have also been brought to the Welsh Highland Railway.

Manufactured in Romania, these locomotives are essentially of German design and were constructed under licence. The Maybach designed engine can thus be said to enjoy an excellent pedigree.

The hydraulic transmission with jackshaft drive to the coupled wheels gives these locomotives a more reassuringly traditional look than that of many other Diesels.

Besides their enviable power, a major feature of these locomotives is their high tractive effort: they are excellently suited to the steep gradients of the Welsh Highland Railway.

No.60 is in running order. Nos. 69 and 58 are currently awaiting further repairs.

Specifications for No. 60 Eryri

Builder 23 August Locomotive Works, Bucharest  
Built 1976 - 1977  
Works number 23389  
Type L30H  
Length over buffers   7.45m  
Overhangs   2.4m (cab), 2.65m (front)  
Wheel arrangement 0-6-0 axle spacing 1.1m and 1.3m  
Driving wheel diameter 31½" 800mm  
Engine 6 cylinder, 29600cc, 350 h.p. 29.6 litres, 261kW ¹  
Compression Ratio 16.6 : 1  
Transmission Hydraulic: 2-stage torque converter  
Final drive Jack shaft  
Weight 21 tonnes in working order
Maximum axle load 7 tonnes  
Arrived W.H.R. 1993  
Owners Consortium of W.H.R. members  
Previous owners PKP, Poland  

¹ Documentation gives the peak rating to be 415 h.p. (309kW), or 650 h.p. (485kW) with a turbocharger.

Specifications for No. 58

Built 1977 ²  
Works number 23387  
Arrived W.H.R. 1995  

² Documentation gives 1977 but works plate says 1979!

Specifications for No. 69

Built 1980  
Works number 24051  
Arrived W.H.R. 1994  

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