Volunteers Week Mk 3

Volunteers Week MK3 starts on 10th February.

There are many jobs being set up for Volunteers Week MK3 right now.

Kev Evans, Volunteer Officer and organiser of Vols week said: "This time around I'm placing the carriages as top priority as there are many jobs I'd like to accomplish during this fortnight."

"One of which will see the re-roofing of Carriage No 7 and repairs being carried out on no7 and the VoR van."

"I would also like to spend a day or 2 giving Pen-Y-Mount halt a bit of a makeover and clear some vegetation prior to the season starting.

"There is likely to be some locomotive maintainance, 7 1/4 work, civil engineering and museum work happening as has happened in previous years."

The Dates for Volunteers Week MK3 are as follows. 10/02/18 - 25/02/18.

Do you know of a potential new volunteer? Perhaps you haven't been to volunteer in a while and would like to come along and get stuck in once again?

There is always plenty to do at Gelert's Farm so come along, have some fun, get some jobs done and achieve some goals.

We look forward to seeing you.

There's always something going on at the Welsh Highland Heritage Railway in Porthmadog - why don't you get involved?

Want to know more - get in touch with our volunteer officer, kevin.evans@whr.co.uk